BMF 2017 Fellowship Report.
Cameroon: ADF Approves US$ 43.72 Million for Governance Reforms
August 19, 2017

BMF 2017 Fellowship Report.

Similar to other developing countries, Cameroon stands to gain from its huge demographic advantage. But with too many young people entering the labor market and failing to find jobs matching their skills and university education, IGI is working with municipal councils to invest in addressing the challenges facing its human capital in the modern job market. By instituting the Municipal Business and Good Governance Fellowship [BMF] for local municipalities in Cameroon, IGI is participating to improve the moral intensity and modern labor market employability skills of young Cameroonians preparing to enter the labor market by 2022.
IGI is pleased with the participation of the Ministry of Higher Education, Small and Medium Sized Enterpises, Social Economy and Handicraft including the Director General of FEICOM at the 2nd Edition of the annual Business and Good Governance Fellowship for Informal Sector Actors in Cameroon. To read the full report click here

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