Application Process
The Municipal Councils Fellowships (BMF) are awarded to deeply committed individuals willing to conduct actions that demonstrate compliance with ethics and best practices in the management of their businesses and service to the Cameroonian public. Before the fellowship you will need to provide a summary of your current work as linked to community service. After the fellowship you will need to provide a brief report on how the fellowship has and continue to impact your work and management practice including links/ pictures in support of these details. Please note that due to an absence of a volunteer translator in the French language, the BMF’s working language is currently English. Applications must be filled and submitted in English.

While public trust in public servants and business operators globally is running low there is a real need to ensure that investments in Cameroon are protected. According to Doing Business in Cameroon published by the Foreign and Commonwealths Office Cameroon’s economic growth is expected to accelerate over the next five years period from an official estimated of 4.1 percent GDP in 2011 to an average of 4.5 percent in 2016 going forward. One of the incentives to pushing our economic and social develop growth rate even further is to ensure the availability of skilled professionals capable of providing support for the improvement of our governance and macro economic situation. To this end the Lord Mayor of Buea Municipality is offering a number of full scholarships for fellows to participate in the Business Management and Public Service Governance Fellowship that is jointly organized by the International Governance Institute of the UK and Municipal Councils in Buea, Cameroon. To benefit from this scholarship ( alongside your application) you must write a short essay of not more than 200 words each explaining your understanding of the following national development policy documents:

The National Anti Corruption Strategy of Cameroon (200 words)

The National Governance Program of Cameroon (200 words)

Cameroon Development Goals by 2035 (200 words)

Again in your essay you will need to describe briefly what these policies seek to achieve and how you would contribute as an individual to the realization of each. Preferably in this section we strongly suggest you prepare an additional proposal of a project you will like to embark on after the fellowship in no more than 200 words spelling out its purpose, objectives, indicators of success as well as your projects impact on the growth and employment of the population of Buea Municipality. The total number of expected word limit on your BMF scholarship application form is 800 words. With BMF we desire to provide greater support to the growth and development of your potentials. Interested in BMF apply here to be considered for a scholarship.

Applications for the BMF program will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Nature of current volunteer assignment, business or public service task and how it contributes to the growth and employment of Buea municipality and the national vision in general.
  2. Quality of essays submitted and respect for word limits
  3. Relevance of proposed project proposal for the growth and development of Buea municipality including Cameroon’s 2035 development goals in general
  4. Ability to understand and assimilate the fellowship program content
  5. You should be able to demonstrate the contribution that you will make to promote Governance education and fight against corruption in Buea municipality and Cameroon in general
  6. We will also be looking for motivation, self direction and properly developed interpersonal skills that hold potential for community leadership.


Eligibility for BMF is opened to the following group of individuals who meet the following conditions: Young public servants in the civil service and private sectors Unskilled small business operators and young entrepreneurs Graduates from all works of life, including individuals who desire to improve their competencies in business management and local governance for the sustainable development of Buea Municipality and Cameroon in general.
Holders of an official government Identification Card (ID)

BMF Application Form

Title: MrMsMissMrs

How did you find out about BMF

BMF WebsiteWord of mouthOnline network (eg facebook, twitter)BMF FellowBMF AmbassadorOnline search engine(eg google)AdvertisementIGI Training Workshops