Mobilizing Young People’s Economic Potential for Rapid Economic Take-Off in Cameroon

Cameroon's Youth Demographic Advantage

With too many young people who all enter the job market at the same time, poor labor market-skills development and orientation in schools, the Cameroonian local economy is struggling with a labor planning strategy which does not quickly absorb its rich youth demographic dividend into productive and gainful employment.

To make the Cameroonian local economy stronger, resilient and responsive to resource generation, capital management and employment creation, the Municipal Councils Business Management and Public Service Governance Fellowships [BMF] supports local government councils in their effort to improve the labor market skills of their youth population; translating national growth policies and youth empowerment into value creation and growth prospects for ordinary citizens locally.

To understand what drives IGI’s passion and actions with Municipal Councils Business and Good Governance Fellowships, click to read the latest policy brief from our need assessment study.

100 Reasons Why Young Professionals have made BMF a Platform of Choice

  • Joybert

    …when I came across this program and while reading through this sentence cut my attention which caused me to apply "skill enhancement package tailored to address the current skill mismatch and gaps for gainful and productive employment in the modern and informal sectors in Cameroon

    Social Entrepreneur and Founder of 4 Start-ups
  • Melle-Health Care Manager

    …it teaches innovative ways of exceeding in business, and also better techniques of becoming a good entrepreneur serving with integrity

    Melle-Health Care Manager
  •  Epie

    …to improve upon my governance and administrative skills

    Ministry of Defense
  • Silvia

    …to acquire more knowledge and skills on leadership and what it takes to be a leader who serves his people correctly.  To learn how to think critically, make decisions and take actions for the general good of my community

    Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Godwill

    …to improve my business skills and ideas and prepare myself for entrepreneurship

  • Rolling

    …to build my capacities in governance related issues chiefly the fight against corruption in the implementation of projects

    Ministry of Water and Energy
  • Cynthia

    …to build up my negotiating and team working skills in organization and also the ability to adapt to change and think creatively and the enthusiasm and commitment for public policy issues and current affairs

  • Edie

    …to acquire knowledge and perfect skills

    Poultry Manager
  • Armstrong

    …to acquire skills that will drive my passion or achieve my dream in life

    Social Entrepreneur
  • Noel

    …to improve on my skills first as a student of political science in the business and government sector so as to contribute positively not only to the society but Cameroon in particular

  • Daniel

    …i need to be empowered and  also to help my country in good governing

  • Kenneth

    …to improve on my managerial skills and also to learn and gain more innovative ideas that will lead to the growth of both my company and the society at large

    CEO International Food Export Company
  • Elvis

    …to learn skills in business management

  • Alain

    …to learn new skills

  • Lois

    …i have been in the Cameroon Civil Service for 32 years. During this time I have watched the retrogression of integrity in the Nation. I therefore have the privilege to enhance my skills on fostering integrity where i work

    Public Administrator
  • Claudette

    …to better my understanding/knowledge in the business world


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