Benefits of the Fellowship
Successful public organizations whether large or small; private or public are well managed; the development of management skills alongside public service Governance within an organization is an essential part of continued business growth and collective prosperity. The fellowship is a capacity development support program in modern business management and good local governance practice with the aim of enriching your performance and expertise in the growing and evolving profession of business management and public service accountability.
It offers you a unique opportunity to gain knowledge on a range of practical skills that will make you marketable and competitive in the workplace; increase your value to public service customers and to future employers. It offers you the opportunity to become a certified fellow of the Business Management and Public Service Governance fellowship jointly offered by Municipal Councils and International Governance Institute Cameroon; country chapter of the International Governance Institute of the UK
  1. Upon successful completion of BMF you will be offered a Certificate of Professional Training in Business Management and Public Service Governance which can be used to take further professional programs offered by London School of Marketing at an 80% discount through Enterprise Institute.
  2. BMF offers you special practice competences and skills in the following areas
    • Corruption and Governance Risk Assessment & Management
    • Human Resource & Strategic Human Resource Management
    • Stolen Assets Tracing
    • Project Management and Financial Accounting
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Policy Development, Analysis and Implementation
    • Strategic Change Leadership
    • Social Audit Operations
    • Counter Fraud Education and Training
    • Stakeholders Analysis and Business Communication
    • Corruption Investigation, Reporting Wrining and Corruption Heat Mapping
    • Nonviolent Discipline and Collaborative Non confrontation Negotiation Skills